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Add a credit card

  1. From any application page, click the Member Profile button. If you are not logged in, you are prompted to log in before you can continue.
  2. Choose the Payment Info tab and click Add Credit Card.
  3. NoteIf you haven't set up a payment method before, click Add a Credit Card.

  4. Fill in your credit card information. All fields except Billing Address 2 are required.
  5. Click Add New Credit Card. The credit card is saved.

Add a credit card when making a payment

You can also save a credit card to your profile when making a payment.

  1. During the payment process, select Enter Credit Card in the Select a Payment Method window.
  2. Enter the credit card information and then mark the Save Credit Card checkbox.
  3. When you complete your transaction, the credit card saves to your profile for future use.