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Edit your member information: Name, Email, and Password

  1. When logged in, click the Member Profile button on any page.
  2. Click the Edit Profile button.
  3. Edit the Email, Name, and Phone Number fields to update your information. If you change your email address, you will have to activate your address through an email confirmation before you can continue using your account. The phone number is only required when the member is using the Business License and Building Projects applications.
  4. In the Update Account Password section, fill in the password fields only if you want to change your password. If you want to keep the same password, leave all of the fields in the section empty.
  5. Note: Member passwords can be changed at any time. Secure passwords are at least six characters long, include capital and lowercase letters, include at least one number, and include at least one special character (! . + @ # , / etc.).

  6. Click Save Profile.