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Utility Billing: Member Help

Note: Your service provider may not use all of the features shown here.

Add an account

Before you can pay your utility bills online you must associate your account with your name. Follow these steps to associate one or more accounts with your name.

  1. Log in to your account. (See Login for more information.)
  2. Choose the Utility Billing tab.
  3. Click Add an Account.
  4. Note: When adding an additional account, the button is labeled Add Account.

  5. Enter your account number and last payment amount.
  6. Note: Your service provider may require you to enter something other than your last payment amount. Also, if you are a new customer making your first payment, the last payment amount is 0.00.

  7. Click Add Account. The Utility Billing home page loads with the account displaying in the Accounts table.