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Make a payment on one account

  1. From the Utility Billing home page, click an account number link.
  2. In the Balance Summary section, click Make a Payment.
  3. If your site accepts partial payments, enter the amount you want to pay in the Amount column. Click Continue.
  4. Note: If your site does not accept partial payments, you will not see this screen.

  5. If you have not made a payment before, you are asked to select a saved credit card or eCheck or enter a new card or eCheck to use as payment. If you are entering a new card or eCheck, mark the Save Credit Card or Save eCheck checkbox to have the credit card or eCheck listed as a payment method for your next transaction. Click Continue.
  6. Confirm everything on the page is correct. Click the Change link to change your payment method, or if your site accepts partial payments and you want to change the payment amount, click the Change Payment Amounts button. Click Pay More Accounts to add payments for additional accounts to this transaction. Click Submit Payment.
  7. Print a copy of the Payment Confirmation page by clicking the print this page link at the bottom of the confirmation message or write down the confirmation number for your records. A copy of this receipt is automatically emailed to your member email address.